20Jan, 23
Agroecological Practices

Farming is my passion says Enia Mandevu

My name is Enia Mandebvu from Northern Cluster Chikwangwadza Smallholder Farmers’ Organisation (SFO) in Mhondoro. I have been a member of ZIMSOFF for some years now. What motivated me to join ZIMSOFF was that l learnt that the type of foods we eat can either kill us or keep us healthy and alive. I used to grow my crops using conventional ways of farming that involved applying fertilisers and chemicals for pest control and weed control. I learnt that no matter how we water our plants and refrigerate our agricultural produce that we would have grown using fertilisers and chemicals for pest contr …

06Jan, 23
Agroecological Practices

Agroecology changed how l look at and do farming, says Robert Simbanegavi

My name is Robert Simbanegavi. I’m from Simbanegavi Village, Gutu District. I am 36 years old. l used to grow crops using synthetic fertilizers and hybrid seeds which costs me a lot of money because I was facing challenges of failing to raise enough capital to purchase these inputs. The harvest l got from growing hybrid seeds using synthetic fertilizers was not that good, the yields did not increase during the 2 years l started using these inputs. So l started looking for alternative ways of growing crops which required less money and l was glad to learn that my neighbours were receiving …

01Nov, 21

Opinion: Agroecology for gender equality

First published in Farming Matters | 32.3 | September 2016 20 SEPTEMBER 2016 Social integration and cohesion provide a foundation for society to tackle various issues, including gender inequality. Learning and sharing, at the core of agroecology, provides women with the space to meet regularly and mobilise for various issues including equality. Cohesion is strengthened through, for example, horizontal learning exchanges and by keeping cultural and religious practices alive with rituals and ceremonies. This creates social conditions that erode patriarchal barriers: women are mobilised and the sil …

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