26Jun, 24
Agroecological Practices

ZIMSOFF participates at the launch of the Gender and Climate Change Task Force: A good but not adequate step!

ZIMSOFF has been actively involved in advocacy work to advance farmer felt needs regarding a broad range of issues including peasant rights, climate justice, gender, agroecology. With climate change adding another layer of challenges to those already faced by women, the need to have a gender sensitive policy and structures to mitigate the impacts of climate change on women is imperative. Unlike agricultural practices, advocacy work is a long and tenacious process that takes long to yield results. Advocacy is not a path for the weak willed-it requires character and determination!

26Jun, 24
Agroecological Practices

Shashe Agroecology School continues to shine as a European Union delegation tours!

On the 15th of May, a delegation consisting of Heads of Cooperation from EU member states that were the Deputy Ambassadors from the Embassies of Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Ireland, and the European Union and representatives from organizations implementing EU-funded projects, namely COSPE, Action Against Hunger, LIPS-ZIM, and SKI, VSO, visited the Shashe Agroecology School to gain a deeper understanding of the resilience of agriculture in Zimbabwe in the face of worsening climate change, to identify current and potential areas of cooperation, and discuss the main challenges faced during implementation of various agroecological interventions.

17Jul, 23

Hitting the ground running with UNDROP in Zimbabwe

 Building on the results of a recent peasant led baseline survey to assess local knowledge gaps on peasant rights, popular feminism and leadership and governance, ZIMSOFF held a two-day national workshop in May (from the 29th to 30th) on Peasant Rights as provided for under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and other People Working in the Rural Areas (UNDROP).

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