To connect, document and spread the good practices of Agroecology

The ability of rural youth to engage in productive family farming and non-agricultural activities has social and economic benefits for both the young people and the economy in the sense that it continues to connect them to their society and at the same time creating employment at local level whilst contributing to achieving amplification of Agroecology.

One of the pillars to promote the green revolution in Zimbabwe has been the Master Farmer Certificate, which is based on green revolution farming practices. ZIMSOFF would like to see at least one alternative based on Agro-ecology based on food sovereignty principles being established. ZIMSOFF will partner with Fambidzanai Permaculture Center in the process of working with the Ministry of Agriculture to take this forward. However, the organization will continue to connect farmers and their practices through various social media platforms. Exchange visits will continue to be a core part of the work of ZIMSOFF on the ground, encouraging local level self-organised exchange visits, as well as visits further afield.

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